11th Annual 3 on THREE for JG Basketball Tournament

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Thank You

It is with the deepest and heartfelt gratitude that we, Jimmy’s family, thank you for what you have done to help us keep alive the memory of a wonderful young man who was taken from us all too soon. Your efforts and/or participation in any of the events we are hosting to honor our Jimmy warm our hearts.

We miss him so much! We miss his charm, laughter, giggle, pranks, competitiveness, kindness, loyalty, and love. We miss the fun he brought our way each and every day. Jimmy was our entertainment center at home, and we are lost without him at the helm of most of our home’s activity.

Our dearest wish is that you, too, never forget our boy, our Jimmy. We always knew he was special, and now you do, too. Make Each Day A Masterpiece, just like our Jimmy. God bless you for loving our Jimmy.

Jimmy Griffin
Make Each Day Your Masterpiece!
- John Wooden
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